Some of the beautiful gifts come with struggles

Some of the most beautiful gifts we receive come with struggles. I have been working on a quilt for a special young child and it has had its struggles. The machine keeps jamming and the thread keeps knotting. It is frustrating for me. I want this special gift to be perfect. I know the finished product will be beautiful. I know this because with every broken thread and every jammed moment the pieces of ideas and fabric come together. From scraps to beauty. From the cutting to the sewing I look forward to the end product.only 10 more full squares to go🤗

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Feeling strange

Today I sat at my desk finding dates and changing dates in the billing process. It’s frustrating to say the least. The program we use only uses size 9 font. I need size 12 to even consider a clear sight. So there I sat foe several hours, finding the dates and making them right. Then my hand, the hand that does not use the mouse started cramping.  Pulling itself into an oblong ball. Painful and for me rather embarrassing. I hate drawing attention to myself, but you cannot hide a hand that folds into itself for the pure I’m tired attitude. The nerve of it, telling me to take a break. I have hundreds of pages and many listings per page and my hand tells me to stop. 😡🤔

hmm. Maybe it had a point to make. I was getting a bit dry in the mouth, and the kettle did need boiling.” 😏


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Walk down memory lane

Today  I spent the day teckieless, I chose to unplug myself for a few hours and explore time with my husband. We walked down memory lane and got lost in a corn maze of memories, Literally and figuratively. With walking sticks in hand we stepped out of the car back into a time of muddy boots, pants and rain wear. As the water sprinkled from the sky and not our eyes, we walked bravely into the Bose corn maze and down muddy paths, around uncertain bends and found ourselves lost and walking in circles around the bridge to temptation. We were lost and feeling our age and how out of shape we are.

Through the frustration of wanting to go forward and knowing hubbies legs just were not yet fully recovered from surgery a few months back, we backtracked to the beginning. There we sat around the fire pit walking down memory lane with members of the owners family. We remembered sliding down a big hill and hot kettle corn. We remembered Beaver scouts and cub scouts, brownies and girl guides. school trips and growing up visiting this wonderful place. Chasing children in the dark and sending the family dogs to guide the lost ones to the exit. We laughed with others who were there today building memories with their young ones, just as their own memories were made. We roasted a few soggy marshmellows and remembered the real fires and roasting hotdogs.

We will go again next year and maybe we will make it through the maze . Maybe we will make some more memories. 😊







We can chuckle at ourselves

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Just today

Today I was up early, laundry done before the sun fully shared the sky. oops I forgot it was raining too. food shopping done before 9, i hate crowds. the streets were not as noisy as they usually are. I have to love the rain, It stops the cars and slows them down. I worked on a quilt and streamed a little of a game. watched a little TV and cooked a roast chicken. That was my day.

I moved slowly but had a plan. Did I accomplish all I wanted to do . no. Did I rest. yes.

So today was a success. 🙂 Just today. I made it through.

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the life of a cat

sneaking, creeping, around the corner she crept

creeping, sleeping, on the window sill she slept

sleeping, peeping, through the blinds she peeped

peeping, singing, in the shower she sung

singing, ringing, the doorbell was rung

ringing, cringing, around the sofa she slunk

cringing, leaping,  onto the bookshelf she lept


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Complexity of me

the complexity of me.

sewing, stitching, cutting, shaping, mending

colours so rich

watering, planting, shredding, growing, living

life so anew

sloshing, mixing, stirring, wrapping, blending

so tasty it is

streaking, blending, messing, plastering, covering

ah the moods.

the complexity of me.

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Fun with words “Summer rainbows”

Rolling, Flipping, turning, squirming

greys to white to black

sunlight streams through seams unseen

flopping, straining, all wiped out

soggy, boggy, lashing out

the rain comes down without a shout

running, slipping, sliding

through lakes to ants

wet are all our pants

laughing, giggling, hollaring

dashes for cover not yet sought

pinks to purples, blues, greens and yellows

our long fingers point

smiles upon the faces young

summer rainbows are full of fun


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