Daily Report

Just as the title says, I am posting my daily report. Awakened at 3:30am, why I still don’t know. must have been the fact I went to bed early and my inner alarm clock goes off 4 to four hours later. then up for real at 5:30 and off to work at 6:30am. Had to stand as no seats were available. Hard on a sore foot, will tell more about that shortly. Got to work on time at 7:15 and worked well all day got a lot done. Then came home via the skytrain that was again packed didn’t get a seat until we were almost to Surrey. Again had to watch the foot didn’t get hit. Met hubby at the station and he drove me the rest of the way home. I then made supper and put it in the oven (baked potato and pork chops done up in a celery gravy with onions, baked for an hour in the oven, Yummy), while that was cooking I cut my handsome’s hair, then soaked my sore feet in the cold water. Then we indulged in the flavour filled supper. It was yummy. I plan on resting tonight. then tomorrow organize our travel supplies and hang curtains, carefully.
On the matter of my foot. My foot was injured while we were fishing, I took a tumble off some rocks. The Lord is healing it well.


About Pamela M. Loykowski-Durkee

born in 1959, loves to be creative, loves the great out doors.. When I met God my life changed. I now have hope and a brand new life. Of the many names I have, the one I love most of all is, Child of God.
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