Accident prone or what good memories are made of.

Here is a short, but not complete at this time, summary of my trip to Saskatchewan.

Forgot to pack cloths for myself, check, cut finger, check, re-sprained toe, check, car going the speed limit of 110 on the highway being cut off by a truck pulling a trailer that was parked on the side of the highway and not signalling to return to the highway before cutting us off and forcing us to take an unscheduled road trip down a steep embankment, check  My wonderful gifted driver handsome was able to drive our little beep (Honda fit) back up the hill with no problems and continuing on our way. check (thank God for snow tires, we left them on for the trip), Decision not to pursue the truck, as he had just left behind two bikers just before he cut us off, check, Constantly stubbing toes on steps that I kept walking up and down, check, drank wrong juice, check, kept banging head on car as I got out, check. getting fishing hook caught on finger, check, Yep i think i have accomplished it all and have created wonderful memories of a wonderful trip,. next year padded suit.




About Pamela M. Loykowski-Durkee

born in 1959, loves to be creative, loves the great out doors.. When I met God my life changed. I now have hope and a brand new life. Of the many names I have, the one I love most of all is, Child of God.
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