My take on a “A Farwell to Remember” Samuels’s Farewell Speech part 1

I am going to change up my pace and take a chapter of the bible that my hubby and I read with our morning devotions and bring it to my view. This is my take on Samuel’s farewell speech from Verses 12:1 to 11. Again I state this is my own reflection of what I hear as we read the chapter.

We were reading 1 Samuel 12 this morning, ‘Samuel Farewell Speech’. Samuel was stepping down and allowing a King to step up. From a Judge to a King for the people of Israel. He talked about the choices the people of Israel have made and recalled to them many of the times the Lord had appointed leaders when one was needed. He also put before them that the Lord had never abandoned them. That the Lord had preformed many righteous acts for them and their ancestors. Every time they cried out to the Lord for help, the Lord answered them. Samuel reminded the people of Israel how they came out of Egypt to the place they were at and when they got there, they quickly forgot who the Lord was and what He had done for them. He used many different examples to put the point across that they were never ignored by God. What they asked for, needed, and repented sincerely from their sins, they got. Very much like us, we call upon the Lord when we are in need of help. Then when we get it, we quickly forget him until the next time we are struggling.

I have been reminded lately how much the Lord has done for me. How He pulled me out of my darkness and gave me a lighted path to follow. How He put people in my life to encourage and direct my  walk in the right direction. How He has given me strength when my body is weak and suffering great pain. He gives me humour to forge ahead when the darkness of oppression falls upon my head. He has given me Hope, when I thought I had no future, nor no skills. He has taught me skills to work with, and to live by. When I stray or start to doubt He reminds me of what He did for me. I don’t need an earthy King, I have a Heavenly one that walks with me daily. My life is no different than the people of Israel, I still have many battles to fight and I will always call on the Lord for help. I pray daily I don’t ever forget what He did for me.


About Pamela M. Loykowski-Durkee

born in 1959, loves to be creative, loves the great out doors.. When I met God my life changed. I now have hope and a brand new life. Of the many names I have, the one I love most of all is, Child of God.
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