Household stresses

Household stresses, just as the title says, there are things in our homes that can cause us a lot of stress. For example: Power outages, TV’s not functioning, where is the remote hiding, loud alarm clocks that sound like a smoke alarm going off and clogged toilets. This blog is the stress of our toilet not working properly and the stress it caused.

Do you know that there are over 101 names for the common Toilet. Latrine, head, the loo, the John, the crapper named after Thomas Crapper the inventor, are just a few. It is so underrated than one would expect more names for it. Considering we use one approximately 4 to 12 times a day depending on your need and age. The toilet can cause so much stress in a household. One such stress factor happened last Sunday evening with a house full of guests.

Last Sunday a fluke accident with the toilet roll holder caused the toilet to become difficult to use properly. I was changing the toilet roll from an empty one. nothing out of the  ordinary, nothing to difficult, a child could do it. I removed the empty cartridge roll off the stand and as I was releasing it the spring must of been stuck because it pushed the roll right out of my hand and into the toilet while the seat was slowly closing. (we have a self closing toilet seat. another story) and the roll holder sprung right between the seat and the base and down the hole it went blocking the water flow. There was no time to react.

I watched as if watching a slow motion movie as it slipped down the flushing toilet. I held my breath as the water flowed to the top of the bowl and then flowed downward. I breathed out and then told my husband who shared it with our guests and they all had a good chuckle over my misfortune.There was no hurry to fix it so we left it.

Well come Thursday the toilet was on warning, I cannot flow nicely anymore. So we bought a new seal and my husband took it all apart. Cleaned it all up and put it all back together. While he was dismantling the tank I  had an emergency and needed to use the loo. Well all I can say is . I love the porta potty and I am glad we own one. 🙂


About Pamela M. Loykowski-Durkee

born in 1959, loves to be creative, loves the great out doors.. When I met God my life changed. I now have hope and a brand new life. Of the many names I have, the one I love most of all is, Child of God.
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