Where do You see God at work?

I had some time this week to contemplate a question we get asked a lot, “Where do I see God at work?” As I spent time pondering the question.  I struggled inside of myself to see if I had seen God at work at all. With all the negativity around me, I became uncomfortable in my own thinking.  I realized I had not seen God at work anywhere.

So, if I could not see him at work, then how can I know He is at work? So I prayed and asked God to open my eyes to see through His eyes where He was at work in my neighbourhood and my life. The answer was a surprise and an embarrassment on my part. I understood why I was not seeing God at work. It was because I was trying to see Him work through others eyes and not His eyes.

God is at work. He is at work in the innocence of a baby’s smile. A helping hand when you least expect it. The joy in a grandchild’s face when their grandpa comes to visit. The peace inside your heart, when your world is in a downward spiral and your not sure which direction is which. In a long lineup at the grocery shop and the person in front of you with a cart full of groceries allows you to go first. A simple hello to a stranger and they look surprised and smile and say hello back. Yes, I found God at work, in the miracle of living day to day. On the crowded bus and you are given a seat to sit in. In observing someone holding a door for someone who’s arms were full of children and bags. He was with someone who stopped to pick up the windswept garbage and put it in a garbage can right before the garbage men arrived. Yes, God is at work. Finding milk money when you had none. I could go on. But, I believe you get the picture. God is at work. We just need to stop using the wrong eyes to see Him with.


About Pamela M. Loykowski-Durkee

born in 1959, loves to be creative, loves the great out doors.. When I met God my life changed. I now have hope and a brand new life. Of the many names I have, the one I love most of all is, Child of God.
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