I thought I was buying a new mattress, not a new car

Today, handsome and I decided to venture out and obtain a new mattress. What type, What size, How thick, and even the question of Springs or no Springs were all covered. That led to the we had absolutely no idea what we type of mattress we wanted to get idea. We only knew we needed a new mattress to replace our old spring in your back one that we had been sleeping on.

Before we left I looked up the address of the local Sleep country on the computer and found we had several in our area. So I picked the five star over the three star and we drove further from home. All was good as we could run some other important errands on our way there and back. I am glad I chose the five star. The service lived up to its reviews.

Now, before I go futher, please keep in mind we are a cash only kind of people. We use our debit card instead of a credit  card.  The  only difference is the item is saved for over several months and paid off all at once. Not paid for then paid for over many years. (we learnt our lesson well) Also, I am not known for my tact. I am told, I have hyper focus and am not very good at listen skills, when I have my focus on. i see and hear not well at all. So all I had on my mind was that I only wanted a mattress, not a bed. So in clarifying that. Back to the story.

So off we go through the rainy streets, parking across from the store as there is no store parking available. This could be interesting. I enter the store, leaving handsome outside to deal with the parking. The salesman stands up  with a smile and greets me welcome. Good step on his part, puts me right at ease. But, before he has a chance to go into his sales pitch. I am telling him, I am here to buy a mattress, queen size, firm. What do you have available? Hyper mode, never quits. 🙂

He laughs, he actually laughs and then takes me around the show room and shows me two mattresses, er I mean models.  One. a last year model on sale, as the new 2017’s were coming in and it had no springs. Do I need a bed question came up and I informed the sales man no, we already had a frame only needed the mattress. the next mattress he showed me was a newer model with springs. The thought that quickly crossed my mind and caused distraction and a chuckle was, I thought I was buying a mattress, not a new car. As the thought crossed my mind, handsome arrived and joined the conversation regarding which mattress was the best for us. We then decided on the 2016 model with memory foam and a cooling jell to be delivered on a set day and to have our old mattress removed for a small sum. On completion of our decision the salesperson still felt the need to show us another choice, even though he understood we had made up our mind. The new one did not look comfortable at all and our mind was firmly set. So with that in mind, he kindly informed us we needed to obtain a mattress cover so the company warranty would be good. So that if we were not happy after our 30 day try out we could call and have it returned for another one. The choice was would that be smooth or ruffled? We went with the smooth.

You would think that was the end of the story, we went, we saw, we bought. Well not quite, there is one little detail. The bank limited what I could take out of my account on any given day. After a frustrating few minutes with a machine, we agreed to pay a down payment and drive to a bank and get the rest of the cash. Which we promptly did and returned only to find they do not have the means to accept cash (Colour me red). Already frustrated as the plan did not go as my head wanted it to go, I began to feel more agitated than necessary. But the salesman was fantastic, living up to their five star rating. They did however accept the cash, using their own credit card to pay it off and gave me a receipt paid in full. Thank you. stress reduced.

Now for the next decision… What depth was that mattress again? we need to buy a new sheet. 🙂 that decision will just have to wait.


About Pamela M. Loykowski-Durkee

born in 1959, loves to be creative, loves the great out doors.. When I met God my life changed. I now have hope and a brand new life. Of the many names I have, the one I love most of all is, Child of God.
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